Thursday, August 25, 2005

more photos i discovered i owned

"it's a dangerous time, for a heart on a wire"

matt mays + el torpedo. awesome show!

random foliage, st. john's 2004.

random nighttime harbour

a photograph

On the road to Sandbanks Park, Burgeo, NL
(Bigger size when you click the photo)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Random August Post!


My profile has had 90-something page views!
I'm sure at least 50-60 have been me :P haha.

I started this to roam Becky's wedding site and make comments...
so I feel I should mention that she got married last weekend!
I went out and it was all wonderful! =) Congrats Becky and Danny!

Anyway, random photo post again.
I don't have my weekend/Burgeo photos resized or anything yet.
Maybe some day down the road I'll put some up.