Monday, June 12, 2006

text update, by amanda

Dear Internet,

So I just posted like, um, a big truck load of photographs. I should be working, seeing as how I am in work doing overtime (hrm... to claim this last half hour of posting on my overtime or to not claim it... decisions decisions). I don't know. I'm sure that maybe only Becky might see it, and even then it's probably a fluke or something. I like blogger, I just have a hundred other things I post and lord knows my photos are everywhere.

So. What is new since August 2005. Well I'm in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. That's a pretty big difference. Let's see how I can do with a nutshell update. Spent the summer drinking and hanging with the girls living off my parents, it was sweet. Then summer ended and I still didn't have a job so I moved home. Boourns. After being home for two months (please note I've been finished school since APRIL good lord) I got a job to come here aka Middle of Nowhere. I left St. George's on Nov 3, spent the night in Lewisport, hopped the ferry on the 4th, and Got here on Nov 6 after 47 hours. I remember the ferry pulling in and then driving to the hosptial to get my apartment keys. Like, what in god's name am I at. But it worked out. I'm in child protection which could be better but I'm hopeful to hang out for a while longer and move in to something different. But all things considered I'm grasping the ropes in this stuff anyway, it's a lot easier with time. Meeting new people, but missing everyone terribly.

In four days I leave for 3 weeks vacation, and I tell you I can't wait. I'm at work now, updating files (aka updating blogger?). I have almost 14 hrs of overtime last week alone. OOO can't wait for the paycheck this next time around. I'm looking forward to going home. Most of my friends are scattered. But I'll get to see Becky and Danny before they leave for the North Pole!! (hehe). Can't wait to see you guys!! Plus my other friends who are flopping around St. John's and my sister and yeah. Two weeks home, a week in St. John's and a few days to chillax here before I start work again.

Anyway, that's it. Another update in a year or so I guess.



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